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Founded in 1817 by Heman Ely along the Black River, Elyria, OH, has a population of around 55,000. With an economy largely based in healthcare, manufacturing, and education some of its top employers include Invacare, Ridge Tool Company, and Lorain County Community College. There are a plethora of parks in Elyria, OH that include baseball fields and tennis courts. The largest park in the Elyria area is Cascade Park. Some common attractions in this city include the Apple Festival, Stocker Center Art Gallery, and Stone Tower.
With so much fun activity in Elyria, OH, let Coyne Catering add to the excitement! We are the perfect location for wedding receptions, serving as both an indoor and outdoor wedding venue. Coyne Catering has an expansive menu that provides high-quality service for you and your guests. In addition to serving as a top wedding caterer, we also cater to corporate events. We are an all-encompassing company that is dedicated to making sure your event is professional and classy. Coyne Catering is the premier wedding venue servicing the Elyria area and our wedding caterers will do everything in their power to ensure your special day is everything you’d hoped it would be. For all your special events, contact us today!

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