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The coronavirus crisis has thrown all of our lives into a tailspin. Things that were once cornerstones of our lives – heading to the local watering hole for happy hour, family gatherings and block parties, even going to the grocery store – have either stopped entirely or been changed to the point where they’re virtually unrecognizable. And of course, wedding planning is on this list.
At Coyne Catering, we understand how much uncertainty couples are facing in these unprecedented times. But we have your back. We’ve put together a list of tips for couples trying to adapt their wedding planning process to the realities of our new situation. Hopefully, this will give you some pointers and some much-needed peace of mind as you move forward with the planning for your special day.

Embrace the virtual.

Happy hours, yoga classes, and work meetings have all moved online – so why not wedding planning? Many wedding venues are offering virtual tours of their spaces, so you can see your wedding reception space without leaving the comfort of your couch. Plus, there are some advantages to touring venues online: you can record the tour (with the venue’s permission, of course), take screenshots, and share the results with all of your wedding VIPs.

Always have a backup plan

Nobody can say for certain what tomorrow will hold – never mind what the next week, month, or year will look like. As you plan your wedding, keep in mind that what you might decide today could easily change tomorrow. Make contingency plans whenever and wherever you can. Ask venues if they’ll consider letting you reserve a backup date if circumstances mean that you have to postpone the wedding. Decide what you’ll do if many of your guests are still leery of traveling when the wedding date draws closer. Even if you never have to use these backup plans, you’ll feel better for having made them.

Remember: you’ve got this!

Yes, this is a strange and scary time to be planning a wedding. The good news is, however, that there have been lots of strange and scary times to plan weddings – and people went and got married anyway! Couples have declared their love through world wars, in the wake of natural disasters, and in the middle of pandemics. You can do it, too. Just think of the story you’ll tell the grandkids!
And remember: if you need help getting your wedding underway in this strange time, you can always turn to the team at Coyne Catering. We’re one of the leading wedding caterers in the Cleveland, OH area, and we’ve helped local couples with wedding planning for years now. We’d be thrilled to help you, too. We’re all in this together, and we’re all going to get through this together. So don’t hesitate to give us a jingle if you need our help!